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Seniors Social CIC run a varied programme of activities throughout the year. You can see example activities listed below. To find out more click on the title or the small plus symbol at the end of each row to find out more. The box will expand revealing the details of the activity.

Arts and Crafts

Enjoy taking your time to learn or develop creative skills. Participating in and enjoying artistic endeavours – even when seniors are not necessarily creatively inclined, this can have a positive  impact on health by creating a sense of purpose and keeping the mind busy.

Board Games

Improves memory and helps people to think logically. One of the side effects of playing board games is laughing.  Laughing has been shown to increase endorphins. These chemicals bring out the feeling if happiness. Sharing laughter and fun can promote empathy, compassion and trust  others.

Chair Exercises

Boosts wellbeing and helps to tone and strengthen musles. Chair exercise has been shown to have beneficial effects at maintaining or promoting independence and mobility in older people.


Helps retain hand  and eye coordination and balance. Darts also instill a sense of self control, giving knowledge of your own bodies position, which  heightens  awareness of movement.

Day Trips

Stimulates the senses in the sunshine and fresh air; an engaging and uplifting social activity. We offer day trips to various locations for the day.


An opportunity to be productive and  great for exercise. Gardening increases levels of physical activity and maintains mobility and flexibility. It also encourages use of motor skills and provides stimulation and interest in nature and the outdoors.

Lunch Out

Enjoy a nutritious meal in different surroundings and take some time out to socialise  with friends. Gives the chance to try different dishes and different cafes and restaurants.

Pampering Sessions

Develops the sense of wellbeing and gives self confidence. Massage therapy can provide numerous benefits for seniors who have no major health issues. It can improve the range of motion, skin colour, muscle  tone and posture. It also has emotional benefits through the  power of touch.

Pet therapy

Pet therapy or Animalassisted therapy is a growing field that uses dogs or other animals to help people recover from, or better cope with health problems, such as heart disease, cancer and mental health disorder and can help to improve social skills.


A casual exercise that utilizes the muscles. Playing  pool requires a great amount of focus and concentration, the ability to focus on a given objective is essential in achieving happiness and attaining goals.


Fun and easy way to get an insight into someone’s personality. Work together in teams and compete in a friendly and supportive environment against others at the centre.


A chance to try your luck and win a prize.

Sing along

Is soothing and uplifts moods. Singing improves interaction with other people in a social settings. Singing can give positive feelings and make a huge difference in the life of an older adult living  alone.


Visiting the theatre can transform lives, it is no surprise to know that the theatre has the power to move, inspire, and thrill as we get older.


Seniors Social uses the Micklefield community centre which is located on the eastern side of High Wycombe, it is set in the Chilterns and surrounded by Kingswood. The community centre is a one storey building which is fully  accessible to those in wheelchairs, all the building entrances have ramp access.

The car park  has designated disabled spaces with  plenty of space, and in a position which meets the needs of a disabled user offering easy access to the building.

The kitchen is fully equipped where hot drinks and homemade food can be prepared.

The function room is ideal for Seniors Social as it has superb facilities such as television, pool table, dart board, set in a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. The double doors lead to the patio area and stunning gardens.

The centre has ladies and gents toilets and also has a disabled toilet designed for wheelchair users allowing for a comfortable approach, transfer and use sanitary facilities with ease.


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